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OHS School Disco
I went, I sure as hell wish i didn't. As my first disco it was exactly what i expected. A bunch of fuckheads running around to bad music. Does that sound like fun? Most of my friends think so, maybe they should write a review.
Finding Nemo
I loved it. It was funny, although Philli didn't find it very humerous, maybe it just suits my sense of humour.
Pixar did a fabulous job of the animation and the characters are the best!
I don't really have anything to complain about, exept perhaps the pelicans which looked nothing like Australian ones. Anyway, see it. Its much better than Monsters INC.
This one is for Philli and her complaining:
The Good Girl (finally came to Orange)
This is my favourite movie of the year, thus far. For one, is has Jake, and i love Jake! Jennifer Aniston is spectacular and i would like to say that Mike White is one of my favourite screenwriters now that i know who he is! Look him up, legend!!!
Ok, so Bec didn't like it. That's fine. I think it is one of the most depressing movies that i have ever seen. I am into that. I like being depressed (of course i don't have the experience of ever actually being depressed, so i am lying) In other words, i like being in a shitty, i hate the world, mood.
So if you want to be happy and not pay attention to how some people live, then go and watch Charlie's Angels.
Otherwise see this movie for a nice blacky comedy with meaning. Either this or Igby Goes Down, both fantastic movies that i cannot wait to buy.
Donnie Darko
Written by Richard Kelly, who i consider to be a genius! This is my favourite movie of all time. I recommend you see it. I bet you are thinking "I have never heard of such a movie!". Well it has been available to rent for a very long time and is now available to buy.
It is not easy to explain the storyline of this movie so go here.
Sound strange?? Well thats because it is! Whilst it is strange it is also a beautiful film with great stars and a rockin' soundtrack. I just cannot stop watching. This may because everytime you watch, you find something new.
It is a bit dark but not all that depressing. I give it 5/5!
Stars include Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, Jena Malone and Mary McDonnell.
Chosen - The Final Episode Of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
After 7 years and 144 episodes I am still in total awe. The last episode was on a couple of weeks ago and I just cannot get over it. It was great, with the return of Angel and the death of a character that i just didn't like!
For all those people that think Buffy as a show sucks. I give you the finger!
You obvioulsly have no idea and I pity you for missing out on so much!
Thanks for the memories Joss!!!
Drive Me Crazy (Again for Philli)
For some reason Philli loves this movie! I don't really understand, I mean, it's not bad, but I don't think it is wonderful. Maybe she can explain in her next article (hint, hint)
I haven't seen it for a while and don't really have the time to watch it so here is my crack job of a review.
Melissa Joan Hart of Sabrina fame stars as some popular American high school chick who needs a date for the Prom or something to that effect. She has no choice but to recruit her loser neighbour (who happens to be not so losery) as a date. Hilarity ensues. Well sort of. It certainly has its moments, for example when the losers put orange dye in the sprinkler system and set them off at lunch, I laughed! I wish I could do something like that, if only Australian schools were so hostile and brutal as US ones.
See this movie, if only for Dave, cos he likes the original Space Invaders! ( I guess it is better than Star Trek)

Do you have anything you would like me to review or something you would like to review? Let me know.




Jake Gyllenhaal