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What's going on

  • Now with school finished and my year of being a complete bum and loving it has commenced these are my aims:
  1. To work 20 hours a week and keep my parents off my back.
  2. To watch as many movies as possible a week.
  3. To sleep as much as possible without actually being in a coma.
  4. Find out what the hell is in Malaysia before i go there.
  5. Not lose all my friends due to my own laziness.
  6. Go to Uni next year, no matter what! Or if that fails at least do something better than working 20 hours a week.

Well, so far. The parentals have stayed off my back. I am still watching a shit load of movie! I sleep a lot, although probably not as much as i would like. I'm not going to Malaysia anymore -its off to Ireland, Belgium, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and London in August with Ali. Hurrah! I still have some friends and am still keen on Uni. Hopefully it will happen!

This is where i will be for New Years!
Statue of Liberty

What the hell is going on? Let me know.