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Ali and John's page

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John's 'thing'

Since Ali and John are two of the slackest people i know. I don't think this page will EVER happen. I have nothing else to put on this page and am too lazy to delete it. Therefore, i am going to write a script of a typical Jenni, John and Ali charade. Enjoy
Scene - My bedroom at about 7pm on a Tuesday night. John has just arrived and Ali follows. They both drove to my house very very fast and are lucky to be alive!!!
John - Hey little Jenni, hows it going?
Jenni - Just wonderful, Amber won Survivor and got engaged to Rob, hurrah! I'm so happy.
Ali (Imitating Jenni) - Gaaaaaaaah, fuckers!!!!
Jenni - I didn't say that.
John - Huh?
John - What are we going to do tonight?
Jenni - Go to Coles and buy the best ice cream in the world, condensed milk and squirts!!! Yay!!!
John and Ali - Sounds good!!
Scene - After returning home from Coles with previously stated bounty. All 3 are in the one double bed.
Jenni - Ali, move the FUCK over!!!!
Ali - FINE
(At the same time Jenni squirts a little too much melted condensed milk out of the tube and it covers the dooner cover, looking a little suspicous)
John - hahahahaha, you are so disgusting!
(Ali drops a squirt on the bed and proceeds to roll onto it)
John - What the hell are we watching???
Ali - There's something about Miriam. Its just so morally wrong.
Jenni - I know, it would be fine if she didn't have a dick!
John - Man, if i was those guys i would sue!
Ali - They did.
John - oh, well, good!
(Jenni staring at blue goo covering the bottom sheet and Alis pajama top.)
Jenni - OH MY GOD. What the hell is that??
Ali - looks like the inside of a squirt to me
Jenni - You suck!
Ali - What?? I didn't do it! It was you!
John - Hey Jenni, remember that time you spilt condensed milk all over the bed and it looked like cum???
Jenni - You both suck!