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Jenni first approached me when she was inspired by 'creative procrastination' to form a website. Looking for unique and crazy ideas to create her site she, naturally, called me for advice. I had many great suggestions, which, because I am modest, I will not take credit for. However, I can say that my name is Philli and on this page I will write articles. Brilliant and meaningful articles are what I will write. So brace yourselves for an emotional roller coaster of love, hate, fear, courage and triumph and remember, 'live life' and don't be a 'HUNTER'. They are mean and bully people, which is very, very, very nasty.

Philli before she was corrupted by the big evil world!


Well, here is the first article.

Emma F*** who is the next Avril convinced me to give her a plug. Shell keep us posted on performance dates.

"Fuckin ell man corrr!!!"

We should put that in the quotes section. Rock on Emma!!!

Meanwhile, its another exciting lunchtime in the OHS Year12 common room. People are talking, eating, and sitting staring into space contemplating the meaning of life. Im excited.

Our common room lunch and recess breaks have often been described as a bad party (by Ali and myself mainly) due to the dull dynamic socially, and the terrible music blaring out of the CD player. The same noise, and over again, however, there is no music today.

I have already been criticised and think I will have to restrict further articles composition to the dark, dank places away from people with spirit.

I would also like to say that I love everyone, and a special mention to Tegan who I would just like to say 

"Tegan, you are the wind beneath my wings" (to which she replied)

"that is so gay"

I know Tegs, it makes me happy too.


Philli's article no#2
Hello again everyone! ( which probably consists of about five people who are the entire list of those i would call my 'friends'...though they are jacking up thier prices next month and i don't have a job to pay for them...)
ANYWAY, in follow up to my last article i would like to emphasise that there was an ( i thought obvious) element of sarcasm in my reference to 'wind beneath my wings'. I'm not about to make the big move on you tegan.
Meanwhile, trials are on very, very soon and after an holiday dedicated to perfecting my procrastination skills I'm sure to be in full form by the time the real exams occur.
Everyone is busy and tired and generally pissed off so there isn't much to say without offending the only people i actually want to talk to.
However, I must congratulate (as jenni already has) everyone who has applied and been accepted for GAP. Ali is off to Poland ( the land of my forefathers...) Renee is off to perfect her whinging skills, which are really very pathetic, in the UK. Rachel is going to learn about Russian water and Sabina is going to starve in Hungary.
Hmmm,what else?..I performed in an enthralling concert last night on my flutey flute along with all other HSC music performers. It went well for everyone and Mum is keen to buy Kara's CD which is being released as soon as her record deal is confirmed....
I'm actually very tired, until next time
ps.emma f****.....has black hair

Apologies for grammar mistakes and obscure sentences in my previous articles. They were written in a flippant manner under adverse time pressure, thought this will occur no longer.

Welcome once more, my newest revelation stems from a few experiences I have had specifically in the last 48 hours. Discussing my future with the new careers advisor, being accused for loitering with intent to steal outside the English staff room, and realising how much I have not done in terms of major assessments are a few.

However, most interesting experience relates to my lunchtime discussion with my English teacher, Mr McG, regarding my Extension Two English assignment. We had arranged to discuss it at lunchtime. However, our wires crossed. I was detained by my maths teacher, and ran a few minutes late. Because I had been absent in English first period whilst attending a musicianship exam I assume he assumed I was absent from school all together, but noI had just arrived late! (Remind me to hand in my late note). Thus, Mr McG went to lunch. On my arrival at the English staffroom I was advised my Mrs Mc H to go and get him. So I did.

"Be up in a minute", I thought I heard him say.

"I'll come and get you from your common room when finished heating my lunch in the microwave", was apparently closer to the mark. The gross misunderstanding meant I was waiting outside the staffroom for many, many minutes. Not wanting to be obtrusive to the teachers in the room, I stood about three metres to the right, near the storeroom.

A coarse voice interrupted my hazy serenity as I passed the time looking over my maths exam. Considering I am digitally dyslexic, I was fairly happy with it.

"Where should you be?" the hoarse creature voiced, not used to be spoken to in such a manner I remained enthralled in my own business.

"YOU!" I turned around to see a teacher who will be named Mrs McMann, standing next to her was Mrs McS.

I explained I was there to see a teacher

"Go away and leave her alone to have lunch and come back later. Ok?"

"We have actually made an arrangement" I was insulted.

"Yeah well we have had so much stuff stolen and a few people ruin it for all of us" her tone implied I was one of them.

"Unless it is really urgent, get downstairs!"

 On the brink of tears and quite angry by this stage I indicated that I had no inclination of stealing, and I had every authority to be there, and told her.

I tried to be assertive, and was to a degree- but now I wish I had really made how I felt clear. I was insulted, offended, angry and blatantly shocked.

With usual anti climax, such is life Mr McG came, and upon entering the staffroom I was met with smiles from allexcept Mrs McS, who gave me such a grotesque look I wish never to see one so hideous in my life ever again. It wasnt so much her face, but the message behind the face, which made my heart, beat faster and fingertips become hot with anger. What was the meaning behind the representation? Pure contempt.

The moral of the story...? There is no such thing as justice when it comes to people like that. We must learn to be assertive, because people like Mr Mc Mann and Mrs McS are out there, willing to take out their petty theft frustrations on anyone they perceive is less powerful than them. I am not sure what Mrs McMann does, though I have never been aware of her as an English teacher, and she must be oblivious to the basic communication skills rational human beings posses, but it will never excuse her rudeness. That leaves Mrs McS, whose cute son had only admiration for me when chatting me up at a Whitlams concert last year.

However, my greatest comfort is in knowing that I will never turn out like them because, the result contempt has on a persons appearance is motivation enough not to!

PS. Only one of the mentioned teachers is an actually Mc (insert name). Mrs Mc Mann is titled as such because I do not know, or care for that matter, who she is and what she does.

DATE-22nd August. TIME- early morning, just after 12..

Firstly, I give up on grammar and spelling from this point on, I suck, and always will

Im so thrilled about Dawsons Creek coming back on air!!!! Tonight was the night and many wonderful things happened. In the show that is, my night has been me watching Dawsons instead of doing John Donne assignment. As far as that goes, I figure Brianne is kicking my a*** (censorship for Sam- see guest book) and everyone elses, except one (you know are special and have achieved what many thought the unachievable) so I really am adopting some apathy to help get over the badness.

Anyway, DC summary before I get back to the hard horrible slog that is school. Joey didnt go to France, the s***! Then they were all mature and time is meaningless to our relationship after spending a summer apart before he comes home and they become sentimental and mushy and end up making love a term that has such corny repercussions, but is relevant because of the accompanying love song and abstract camera angles, that implied passionate sex.

I just get so frustrated! "All the good couples never end up together" (quoted by Audrey earlier in the episode) and it is true, if Joey and Dawson qualify as good.

It always ends in tears, Joey always becomes a pathetic whiner who is totally boring and self obsessedwhy? Because Dawson just doesnt understand when it comes to the them thing, yet always pretend not to get why Joey is pissed off or, alternatively he gets pissed off at her..and that is why I love the show.

In all seriousness there was a nice comic scene between Jack and Pacey, who I dont ever remember doing a scene together before and an expletive filled cameo from Jack Osbourne. Dont worry Sam, it was censored.



Hello again everybody,

On being informed that there has been excessive demand for more of my articles I feel that the next installation is well and truly overdue.

At first I was sceptical that this demand existed when Jenni told me to get my act together, to which she replied,

"If you dont believe me, read the guest book"

So I did.

Jenni was absolutely right. There are two compliments from Teggie who we all know  (from pervious articles) is mad for me anyway, one from Ellen (who is nice to everyone) and a semi insulting comment, demonstrating an impressively advanced vocabulary, from my dear cousin Chris.

Alternatively, I am quite flattered I have not insulted anyone too severely, yet. If my personal ranting will provide Jenni any small amount of content of happiness then it is well worth the effort.

Today is the 7th day of the eleventh month. I like the way saying the date sounds. 7-11, 7-11, 7-11. Try saying it, just quietly to yourself, over and over, feeling the soothing nature of the words, letting yourself drift away.oops hold onright, meditation tape is now off.

When I think of a 7-11 I think of the films in which there has been robberies in them. Maybe they are not all 7-11s but they are American convenience stores and in this case in this case close enough is good enough.

Movies with great scenes are Fight Club, Thelma and Louise, ooo and one episode of Dawsons. I am not going to describe the scenes or comment further, but speaking of DawsonsIT IS COMING BACK!!! Hurrah. For all those that care, it is returning to Channel 10 on the 1st of December weekdays from 1:30-2:30pm. Broadcast will air ALL episodes (including those previously shown before crappy Inside Idol took it over) and will last around five weeks. Hurrah!

I have a saying,

When all the world goes to shit, at least I have Dawsons Creek It just goes to prove that there is never a reason to commit suicide- no matter how bad things get.

Please note that altering the saying to The Simpsons or a musical group can also be effective. For all those that hear the word Dawsons and cringe and think less of me- get over it! I have the right to like a product of popular culture, and it doesnt happen that often.

What else has been going on? Oh, yes I have discovered (months ago but havent mentioned yet) great new music! I dont know the technical term for genre but I call in dance remix classical. Alerted by Philip who made me a great CD I have been excited ever since. It is cool. Buy it, find it, download it

Grad tickets are all organised; the fun begins three weeks from now!! Remember it is smart, NOT CASUAL. I guess my Channel tracksuit is going to have to go back to the store. Maybe with the extra $2000 I can buy to have my own personal bodyguard frisk me before entry (I heard they are getting Flo from the Bathurst Penitentiary and she never liked me much), either that or I will donate it to a third world country to get fax machines so then we can like, fax them spinach paper and stuff. It will like END POVERTY. *1

Well, hopefully I will write again soon. If not enjoy an ABC post-HSC celebratory party time. Best wishes and congratulations to all who completed, now weve done that we just have our lives to create and after that we die, then were almost finished everything!

Seeing as this seems to be a post HSC tribute, without flippancy, good luck in love and life. and moneyno just the others.

I wish you a preposterous *2 existence.


*1 Idea stolen from a family member

*2Allusion to Kath and Kim final episode






It is a word I say many times in a day.

I gave my first flute performance in Belgium today. It was great. I love my teacher but I think he is gay because of all the enlarged photos of Emanuel Pahud all over his room. It makes it easier to keep my vowel of celibacy. That is how I will justify it.

Many significant things have happened since I last wrote to you. I moved to the other side of the world, Dawsons finished forever and I turned 18.  Oh, and I stopped caring so much about Dawsons.

Tomorrow Im going to get drunk. I havent been drunk in many months and actually didnt make it a pub on my 18th, which I think has been my biggest tragedy so far this year.

Actually I did go to the pub but it was only for a quick drink before I went to family tea. It doesnt count.

Today was a Tuesday, and few things that happened that were particularly annoying reminded me that it was a Tuesday. Firstly I had to get out of bed. Secondly it took me 2 and a half hour of walking, waiting and catching trains or busses to get home from Liege. On these trips I lost about 7.50. The first was because I wrote incorrectly on my Zone pass and had to leave the spaces {5 worth}...then on the way back into Verviers for my music concert the BUS POLICE came. I would have to say this is the ONLYthe ONE AND ONLY time I have completely forgotten my wallet so I didnt have my bus pass and I really thought they were going to arrest me. It was horrible. It turns out I only have to pay 2.50 and show my bus pass tomorrow and the registry. Thus in the end it wasnt grave.

I am listening to Triple J. It is comforting.

Now Im going to bed.

Bisous de Belgique, bonne nuit et faire des beau reves pour moi......